Duc Phi Viet
Patrik Svoboda

Story How Tibio Started.

Duc: The idea for the app was born as a thesis topic and after defending it I wanted to expand and improve Tibio further as I saw its potential to help people with their mental well-being. Our goal was to create a mobile app that would allow users to record their thoughts, moods, or feelings in a quick and easy way and thus effectively and continuously monitor their mental well-being status. By regularly recording feelings and thoughts, the app will help the user find hidden patterns to understand their behavior. This allows the user to better understand the reasons behind their mood swings and negative thoughts. Even for a mentally balanced person, Tibio can be a source of inspiration for a happier life. With the help of the collected data, the user has the opportunity to discover exactly those activities that bring them joy and happiness.

Patrik: We have been experiencing tough times lately, and more and more there are increased pressures on us to keep up with the pace and performance expectations of the world around us. All of this has a long-term negative effect on our psyche, which can manifest in changes to our outward appearance. For many people, this may not be apparent at first glance, but unfortunately, you only realize this when it's too late. The first step to preventing this is to understand ourselves and our surroundings, which are constantly around us and have a continuous influence on us. That is why we created Tibio, which is the first step to understanding ourselves, what influences us, and how. And thanks to Tibio, everyone has the opportunity to clearly analyze the problems and then solve them on their own or with the help of an expert.

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