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Find Happiness and Balance with Tibio

With Tibio, you can track your moods and discover the sources that make you sad, depressed or frustrated, as well as the things that make you happy.
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Keep Your Records in Order with Tibio

Get complete visibility into all your records with Tibio. Effortlessly edit or add to your records at any time to ensure you never miss a detail. Experience seamless tracking of all your data.
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Create Records in Just a Few Seconds.

Choose how you feel, select the activity you were engaged in and add your thoughts and feelings to the text notes. Or if you prefer, make a voice recording and attach photos for a vivid memory of the moment.

With Tibio you can reflect on your emotions and gain insights into your well-being. Keep all your mood records in one convenient place for easy access and analysis.
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Unlock Insights into Your Emotions with Tibio's Simple Statistics

Tibio has simple and clearly designed statistics that will show you what brings happiness and what triggers negative feelings. Use the valuable insights you gain to make informed decisions and take control of your well-being.
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Protect Your Personal Data with Tibio

Tibio values your privacy so that's why all data is stored locally on your phone and only you have access to it.

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At Tibio, we strive to bring happiness to our users, as their satisfaction is our top priority.
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