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Tibio is a simply and creatively made mobile application for everyone who wants to or is already working on the improvements of their mental health. And for these people, Tibio brings a creative place where they or even you can record your moods and the activities that accompanied the moods.

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Main functions of the Tibio

Tibio illustration of Mood records
Mood records

Just one click to record your mood and it's only up to you, if you will add a photo or a voice message for your future self.

Tibio illustrations of Mood and activity statistics
Mood and activity statistics

Tibio builds statistics on what activities makes you happy or sad. So you'll always have information about yourself at hand and know what makes you happy or annoyed.

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Suggests what to do for a better mood (coming soon)

Tibio is very smart, but he wants to be even smarter, and to be able to help you when you will need it, he will have to learn more to know how to do it. But don't worry, he's almost there :-)

What are Tibio users saying?

Tibio is made for people who are interested in their mental health, and feedback is very important for us to continuously improve the Tibio, so we are very happy that Tibio is pleasing its users and helping them to navigate their feelings.

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I was already using a similar app and I have to admit that I switched because Tibio is simply easy to use.

Terka S.
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Tibio was recommended to me by my friend. So I tried it when I was having a bad period. I kind of knew what was bothering me, but now I know it is. So next steps are up to me to do something about that.

Petr L.
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I got so caught up in analyzing myself. It's like an RPG game, except thanks to Tibio I've decided to change a few things in my life because you read about yourself like in a book and it opens your eyes.

Lukáš Ř.
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Is Tibio for free?
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Is Tibio available on Android and iOS?
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Is my data safe?
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Tibio is still learning new things.

We're making Tibio smarter and smarter to help you analyze your moods every day. In time, you will get a complete analysis of your moods and understand yourself. A lot of people have been surprised.

Tibio really helps and it's free!
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Duc Phi Viet
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Patrik Svoboda

A word from the creators of Tibio app

Duc: The idea for the app was born as a topic for a thesis and after defending it I wanted to expand and improve Tibio further, as I saw the potential to help people with their mental well-being.

Our goal was to create a mobile app that would allow users to record their thoughts, moods, or feelings in a quick and easy way and thus effectively and continuously monitor their mental well-being status. By regularly recording feelings and thoughts, the app will help the user find hidden patterns to understand their behavior. This allows the user to better understand the reasons behind their mood swings or negative thoughts. Even for a mentally balanced person, Tibio can be a source of inspiration for a happier life. With the help of the collected data, the user has the opportunity to discover exactly those activities that bring him joy and happiness.

Patrik: We have been experiencing tough times lately and more and more there are increased pressures on us from the outside for pace, performance and all of this has a long-term negative effect on our psyche, which is reflected in our outward appearance.

For many people this may not be apparent at first glance, unfortunately, you only realize this when it's too late. And the first step to preventing this is to understand ourselves and our surroundings, which are constantly around us and have a continuous influence on us. That is why we have created the Tibio, which is the first step to understanding ourselves, what influences us, and how. And thanks to Tibio, everyone has the opportunity to clearly analyze the problems and then solve them on their own or with the help of an expert.